Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Decide what size you wish your finished work to be and cut out two pieces of mount board carefully, glue them together using PVA glue.
Calico is used to cover the card, the calico is stretched over the card and glued in place on the back. The glue is placed 2-3 cm in from the edge to leave a channel into which you will stitch later, cut away calico in the corners as shown in the picture.

Place your finished work onto the board with the design central and hold in place with a pin in the centre of each side, measure to check the design is still in the centre, if correct slowly pin out from the centre pulling the fabric tight, if possible follow the grain of the fabric, you need lots of pins for this!!!!!
With buttonhole thread and a curved needle sew the fabric onto the calico using herringbone stitch, pull the fabric firmly to keep it tight between the pins and your stitching.

The fabric at the corners is mitred, take time to get this right as the neater you can mitre the flatter it will be, and there should be no need to cut away any fabric. Herringbone up to the corners and then slip stitch the mitred fabric together.

Trim away any excess fabric.

To help keep your work tight and hide away all the 'mess', we finish off with a piece of sateen slip stitched onto the back, this should be as tight as you can make it.

Your work is now ready to frame.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Sew how do you do it???

Welcome to Sew little time the tutorials.
Coming soon:- How to mount your embroidery ready for framing.